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June 3 - July 10, 2016 "UNDISCOVERED", a unique exhibition of new photography from The Cape Photo Collective. An opening reception will be held on Friday, June 3rd from 5:30-7:30pm. The photographers will be available to meet and refreshments will be served.

The Cape Photo Collective members are always challenging themselves, looking for new ways to 'see'. The theme 'undiscovered' spoke to their experience of making photographs; of being drawn to the new and unknown; the things they hadn't noticed before. Through photography they ponder unanswered questions and are open to new ideas and altered realities.

The photographs in this exhibition are also about the process of 'uncovering' new experiences in seeing the world. This process is one of connection to the subject and it becomes just as compelling as the photo itself. In a sense, the photo is a record of the act of 'making a picture'. It is important to note that the process does not require travel to foreign lands to 'capture' the more exotic. While some of the images in the exhibition were made in locales far from home others, just as powerful, were made in their own backyard.

The Cape Photo Collective is a group of like-minded photographers working in the Upper Cape Cod area. Although their subject matter and styles are varied, they share ideas about contemporary art photography and the process of making photographs. The members are comprised of Jon Moore, who is the founding member and a teacher of photography, and Julie DeMello, Chris Inoue, Dennis Martin, Diane McDonough, Kathy Pett Ryman, Nancy Walbek and Irving Wagner.

Isn't Romantic by Tom Silver

Isn't It Romantic
Now Available at Woodruff's

Tom Silver is a guitarist who explores many styles of music on solo guitar, without vocals. Isn't It Romantic is his latest CD featuring timeless Broadway and Jazz for the Classical Guitar. After playing guitar during his younger years he set music aside to earn a living, though music was always closest to his heart. After leaving the business world Tom went back to guitar with a passion which took his playing to levels he could only dream of as a young man. He now works with both the classical (nylon string) guitar and the steel string acoustic guitar to create his own sound.


New 3 card set featuring works by Naomi Bradford now available!
A beautiful way to let folks know you are thinking of them.
Surf’s Up!, Coming Home, Cowscape


The Wild Horses and Anima Mundi Notecards Sets
12 cards/envelopes (3 images/4 each) in each set
(L) Wild Horses and (R) Anima Mundi Card Sets

Naoimi initiated her Note Card Sets in 2010 with a now out-of print set entitled Spirit Guardians. She wanted to make her images accessible long after her Signed Limited Edition Prints were sold out and to support the art institutions and businesses that supported her work. Additional sets are planned for release over the next two years.